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Xcite Bathgate Cafe
Please note, the café at Xcite Bathgate will be closing at an earlier time of 3pm on Thursday 4th August. 
We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.
Weekend Availability - 6th/7th August: 
Please note, these areas are not available @ Xcite Bathgate this weekend:
Saturday 6th August:
The soft play closed 12:00-13:00 due to a party.
The pool are is closed from 14:00 due to a party. Last admission is 13:15.
Please note, the pool @ Xcite Whitburn is closed from 8th-12th August due to essential maintenance.
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Normal Pools Rules Apply.

What swim activities remain bookable?

Xcite Aqua is the only pool pre-bookable activity and can be booked on the Xcite App or website. You can find out more about Learn 2 Swim Lessons bookings here.  

Swimming Sessions @ Xcite Livingston must now be booked in advance. Click here for more information. 

***Whilst removing the need to book in certain activities is making access easier, there are times of the day (due to high levels of demand) where you may be required to wait, we apologise in advance. ***

When can I come and swim?

View our swim timetables here

When can't I swim?

Please read through the following FAQs on when the pool areas are not available for public swimming, this includes when Xcite Aqua and Learn 2 Swim are on in the pool. There is also some restrictions on going from one pool activity to another. 

Are capacities back to normal?

Yes, capacities are back to normal. 

Is there access to Sauna and Steam rooms?

Yes, Sauna and Steam rooms are available at our Xcite venues. This activity is for adults only. 

Note we ask customers to bring their own towel to sit on in our Sauna and Steam Rooms, use hand sanitiser provided before entering these areas and be courteous to other users. There will a max number allowed in each area. 

Can I stay longer if I'm in Lane Swimming or Sauna/Steam session and want to go into Public Swim?

Yes, so long as there is not a queue for public swimming, in which case we may ask you to vacate to allow other customer the opportunity to swim.

If yes, as there is no queue, you will not need to go back out and get changed or wait in a changing area.

If I am in a Public Swim and wish to stay for Xcite Aqua, can I stay in the pool?

If you have booked into Xcite Aqua, you do not need to vacate the pool. 

If you have not booked and the bookings are full, unfortunately you would be unable to stay.

If you have not booked, and there is space for you to stay, then you will not need to leave. 

Can I swim when Xcite Aqua is on?

No, this is due to managing the numbers in the class. The only exception is Xcite Whitburn where there will be restricted public swimming access on at the same time.

Can I swim while there is swimming lessons on?

No, there is no public swimming access during lessons. We have increased the numbers of lessons being delivered at the same time to meet demand and are no longer able to accommodate public swimming at the same time. 

Pool Guidelines 

Please read our standard pool guidelines before visiting us. Also note that snorkels, full-face masks, flippers and ‘monofins’ (Mermaid Tails) are not allowed in any of our pools as they increase risk of the wearer getting into difficulty in the water and can cause accidental injuries to other swimmers.

My child is over 8 years old, can they come for a swim on their own?

Yes, if your child can meet the requirements of lane swimming they can visit the pool themselves. Normal pool guidelines apply.

Will there be access to the flumes and water features at Xcite Livingston?

Yes, the flumes and water features will be accessible during our 'Leisure Pool Peak' times.

What are the lane swimming rules?

Yes, we kindly ask swimmers to:

  • Choose your swim lane using the fast, medium and slow signs.
  • Please do not overtake whilst swimming. 
  • Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching. 
  • Please follow the directional signs.
  • Always attempt to maintain social distancing.
  • If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes. 
  • Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after completing your swim, please be mindful that others using the lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping so we ask you to use our allocated rest stations poolside.  
  • Stay hydrated by bringing your own pre-filled water bottle.

Are we allowed to overtake whilst swimming in lanes?

Customers are asked to be respectful of other swimmers. Whilst overtaking is not permitted we would ask swimmers to allow those swimming more quickly to safely pass them at the end of a length. Lanes will be marked with speed ability i.e fast, intermediate, slow. 

How many people are allowed in a swim lane?

There will be a maximum of 8 people per double swim lane. 

Why are you asking each lane to swim in the same direction? 

By having each lane follow the same direction of travel, will mean swimmers are unable to swim side by side, minimising the risk of potential transmission.

What does 'beach ready' mean?

Beach ready means arriving at the pool already wearing your swimming suit underneath your clothes. We are asking swimmers to do this to minimise the time spent in changing areas.

Will there be access to showers? 

Yes, but we encourage all swimmers to shower at home before and after as this will help to reduce touch points and time spent in the changing facilities.

Will there be access lockers and changing cubicles?

Yes, lockers and changing cubicles are available but we do ask you to arrive beach ready.

Will there be access to the spectator areas?

During Swimming Lesson for Pre-school, Swim Skills 1A and Swim Skills 1B spectating will be permitted (may vary at each swim venue). Swim Skills 2 and above we are asking parents to leave the venue and return to collect them at the end of their lesson. The Xcite Team will be on poolside to help your child during their lessons.

I have a health condition/disability, should I return to the pool?

Absolutely, we know swimming is a fantastic activity for people with health conditions/disabilities. However, those in high risk/moderate risk groups should consider the latest government advice before returning to the pool. We would recommend customers who are categorised as “high risk or have concerns to consult with a medical practitioner before returning to the water.  If you need access to the pool hoist please arrange this with reception before visiting.

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