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What is Xcite Online?

Xcite Online gives you access to LIVE fitness classes every day! You can access classes via the WLL Xcite App or on our website. You can also access our On Demand library for anytime classes to best suit you!

You can see what is available LIVE and ON Demand before you sign up, either on our website or WLL Xcite App! 

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How much is Xcite Online?

Xcite Online is £7.99 for non-members and is available for anyone 16yrs+. 

It is also included in our Xcite Active+, Wellness and Corporate memberships - read more here!

How do I access Xcite Online? 

Once signed in, the quickest and easiest way to access Xcite Online is via the WLL Xcite App! You can also access LIVE classes, On Demand and Les Mill Anytime Content on our website.

I don't know my ID and PIN

You'll receive your ID and how to set up your PIN on your sign up to Xcite Online in a confirmation email. If you are an existing Xcite Member, please use your normal PIN and ID.

What classes are included?

LIVE classes, On Demand and Les Mill Anytime Content!

Classes include Body Pump to Yoga, Dance, Xcite Classes and much more. Class content is reviewed on a regular basis. 

Please note, our On Demand library offers a wide range of recorded classes for you to enjoy. However, some classes are subject to licensing and copyright rules by our partners and will only be available ‘live’, this is out with our control.

Can I access Xcite Online classes on phone?

Yes, the easiest way to access is by downloading the WLL Xcite App, via LIVE Classes tile and On Demand tile. 

You can also access our LIVE timetable here via our website on your phone's browser - view the timetable landscape on your phone to select different days. We do recommend you download the app for best access on your phone. 

On Demand is available now on the WLL Xcite App and is currently being developed for web access. 

Can I watch Xcite Online classes on my laptop or tablet?

Yes, via the LIVE timetable here or via WLL Xcite App - tap on your class within the WLL Xcite App and then the 'share' button. You can then email it to your own inbox and open the link on your laptop and start your favourite workout!

Can I watch Xcite Online on my Smart TV?

Yes, depending on your device and your TV, you can share/cast from the WLL Xcite App within the class by selecting the tv icon in the top right or via your web browser from the live timetable on our website. Note, some devices restrict access and this is out with our control.

Do I need to book a live class before I attend?

No, you can you log in before the start time, however if you use the WLL Xcite App you can also save future classes to your calendar on your phone.

My online classes aren't showing under 'my bookings'?

Online classes will not show under your bookings - you can save your upcoming classes into your phone calendar via the WLL Xcite App. 

Is there a limit on the number of classes I can take part in?

No, you can take part in as many classes as you wish!

How often are the classes updated?

The LIVE timetable is reviewed regularly, and you'll be able to view classes 7 days in advance.

Fresh On Demand content is added regularly, although some of the content may have been recorded within the last 12 months.

What if I want to cancel my Xcite Online membership?

*Please see our Terms and Conditions here