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Block Booking Administration
• West Lothian Leisure (WLL) Block Bookings either run from April to March in Xcite venues or July to June in secondary school facilities. Unless indicated by either party the option to renew will made available for the forthcoming year.
• Block Bookings are NOT granted entirely on a first-come-first-served basis. Each application is evaluated and the final decision to permit the booking will lie with the Area Manager.
• The time to set up equipment and dismantle is included in the booking time. No extra time is allocated for this purpose and warm-up/changing time must be booked separately.

Payment of Block Booking Sessions
• Block Bookings can be paid weekly in advance at the Xcite Venue, monthly in advance by Direct Debit for Xcite venues or monthly in arrears for secondary school facilities. Direct Debits will be payable on the 1st of each month and will accumulate all bookings for a calendar month. Weekly payments will be 7 days prior to the booking and the first booking of a block must be paid at the time of booking to confirm.

Monitoring & Notice Periods
• Should WLL deem that any Block Booking is continually abusing the Block Booking system in any way then WLL retain the right to cancel that block booking with a minimum of 7 days’ notice in writing.
• Should WLL require any area of their facility that is normally used by a Block Booking for the purpose of a special event or similar, WLL will inform any booking affected with a minimum of 7 days notice period.
• WLL is not obligated to provide or seek alternative premises for any cancellation, however, will liaise with and support the customer in trying to do so if assistance is sought.
• Block Booking candidates who are wishing to cancel ALL bookings must give a minimum of 28 days notification. One further full month Direct Debit payment will be debited from the customers' bank account and the block booking will end at the end of that month excluding secondary school facilities who must only give 28 days’ notice.
• WLL will publish all Price Changes and it is the responsibility of the Block Booking applicant to remain conversant with any changes relevant to their booking. WLL will not individually letter every booking on each occasion where there is a change to the price.
• Management of cancellation requests lies directly with the Manager. Cancellation of secondary school facilities requires 14 days’ notice to be given.

Applicants Responsibilities
• The Block Booking customer must only use the area designated for the block booking and at the times specified. WLL reserve the right to change the time and area of the booking by giving the customer reasonable notice.
• The person responsible for the Block Booking must pay for all facility equipment that is damaged through improper use. This payment will be due no later than 7 days after the damage has occurred.
• Any form of anti-social behaviour is strictly forbidden and likely to lead to the termination of future bookings for the member. This includes though is not restricted to: spitting, excessive foul language, aggressive behaviour, disagreements with other users, disregard for other customers using WLL facilities and disregard for WLL staff.

Club Conditions
• Applications for long term bookings by clubs and external groups will be subject to the successful completion of the WLL lettings process (OP1-49)
• All sports coaches must hold a recognised governing body qualification of a suitable standard for coaching relevant to the activity and organisation. These qualifications must be presented upon booking or renewal and upon management request at any time.
• Swimming Club/Schools utilising secondary school facilities must hold a Lifeguarding qualification (NPLQ, STA, NRASTAC or similar) and provide WLL with records of ongoing training upon request.
• All clubs utilising secondary schools facilities must have at minimum, an Emergency First Aid qualified person present and be able to provide their own first aid provisions. These qualifications must be presented upon booking or renewal and upon management request at any time.
• All constituted clubs must be able to provide the Club Constitution upon request.
• Fully constituted clubs may approach WLL to discuss a shortened Block Booking period to support existing training and competitive fixture arrangements.
• Such arrangements will be granted on an individual basis and at the discretion of the Area Manager and the Area Manager’s decision is final in each individual instance.
• For fully constituted clubs, official school holidays will also be recognised as breaks in the Block Booking year where participant numbers may drop to the extent where bookings over the period of the holiday may be compromised. Such arrangements will be granted on an individual basis and at the discretion of the Area Manager for that facility.