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Refer-a-friend Terms and conditions:  

  • Full membership T&C apply. 
  • Current member will receive a free month if their referred member stays for minimum of 3 full monthly payments. 
  • Current member will receive their free month 4-5 months following their member referral depending on join date.  
  • If current member is a joint member and refer a joint membership to join, the full month will be free. If they refer a single member the reward month will be 50% of their joint monthly payment.  
  • Existing member must complete an online refer a friend submission form to take advantage of this offer. 
  • Annual members who refer a new customer will have their membership expiry date extended accordingly provided the new member remains for 3 full monthly payments. 
  • If you were an Xcite member within the last 3 months, you will not be eligible for the refer a friend offer.  
  • If the new member signing up was a previous member at some point in the past, they must not have any outstanding payments on their old membership. Any outstanding balances must be cleared, or the friend will not be eligible for the Refer a Friend offer. 
  • If a new member signs up via any of our other sales channels they will not be eligible for the offer  
  • The Refer a Friend offer cannot be back dated. 
  • New member will receive a free joining fee when signing up providing they can provide their unique joining code. 
  • Refer a friend offer is non-transferable and monetary equivalent will not be given  
  • Refer a friend may be able to be used in conjunction with other membership promotions. Terms and conditions will apply depending on the nature of the promotion.  
  • Referring member must not have any outstanding payments and have valid current Direct Debit during the period of referring until their reward month.  
  • Offer is only applicable for joining in venue. 
  • Offer applies to Adult membership packages only.