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Party Bookings T&Cs

Bookings, Cancellations and General Rules

  • Party Bookings are to be made in person at Reception.
  • The completed Booking Form must be presented with full payment at Reception.
  • Parties are charged at a flat rate dependant on party type and venue and does not include food.
  • Food options are charged on a per head basis dependant on how many children will attend.
  • There is a limited number for each party and this can vary at each Xcite venue. Please check at time of booking. 
  • Customers must retain receipt as proof of payment and booking details. Receipt will detail the Party Food Choice and total number of children. 
  • Four weeks notice in advance of party date is required for any cancellations. Outwith this, refunds will not be given. 
  • No refunds are available for parties booked within a 4 week period of the party date.
  • Toys and Floats Parties 3-7yrs. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

On the day of your Party

  • Please don't be late for your party, we cannot extend the party booking time.
  • Photography is not permitted within the building unless consent is sought and granted. Forms are available at reception and should be completed in advance of the party date. 
  • Normal swimming pool rules and safety guidance applies to pool based parties. Please see our Pool Guidelines for more info. 
  • Customer should adhere to normal Sports Hall rules applied to Sports Play Parties.
  • A bouncy castle rules of use form will be required to be read and signed by the responsible adult.

Food and Catering

  • Customers can only select one Party Food Menu per party. Please inform us of special dietary requirements. 
  • Party Food Menus are only available @ Xcite Bathgate and Xcite Linlithgow. 
  • Customers cannot bring in their own party food @ venues where Party Menus are available.
  • Food is charged on a per head basis. Numbers must be finally confirmed a week prior to booking.
  • Birthday Cakes are not provided by Xcite with ANY party option of food menu. 
  • Customers can bring their own Birthday cake to any party or venue.
  • Customers may provide their own party food @ Xcite venues without Café provisions -  Xcite Broxburn Sports Centre, Craigswood, East Calder and Whitburn. 
  • Food can only be served in designated rooms within the venue.
  • Xcite does not take responsibility for food consumed at any party which has not been prepared in Café Xcite outlets. 

Bouncy Castle/Inflatable Run Parties

  • There is a limited number of children allowed on the bouncy castle at one time based on height. Max numbers are: Xcite Bathgate - 8, Xcite Broxburn Sports Centre - 15, Xcite Craigswood - 6, Xcite East Calder - 6, Xcite Linlithgow - 16 and Xcite Whitburn - 12. 
  • There is a limited number of children for the Activity Run Inflatable: Xcite Bathgate - 8-12 dependant on height and Xcite East Calder - 12-14 dependant on height. 
  • The Bouncy Castle must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, who will ensure that:
    • Children are not pushing, colliding, fighting, kicking or behaving in a manner likely to injure or distress other members of the party. 
    • Children are not over maximum age and are of uniform sizes (not mixed ages or sizes). Users must not be taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bed. 
    • All Children are not eating, drinking or chewing while on the castle.
    • Are not climbing or sitting on the walls.
    • Do not bounce on the step / front apron.
    • Staff will ensure that an area around the castle is completely clear and that mats are under the castle to prevent movement. Please ensure the area remains clear and mats do not move. Please contact a member of staff if assistance is required.  
    • If the castle shows any signs of loss of air pressure play must be suspended immediately and a member of staff informed. 
    • Participants must not tamper with the air blower or electrical points. Children should be kept away from the blower.
    • The unit should not be used if it becomes wet. Please inform a member of staff immediately if the unit becomes wet.
    • Staff will carry out safety check prior to booking when setting up the inflatable, please inform a member of staff if the inflatable causes any concern.