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We are delighted to have launched our NEW kids Coaching Programme! The programme has been developed by engaging with national sporting bodies and customer feedback and aims to encourage local youngsters to be active.

The exciting changes will empower children to advance in all of their sporting activities, in a fun, local environment with highly skilled coaches. Activities include Gymnastics, Football, Golf, Hockey and Xcite’s successful Learn 2 Swim Programme!


A new framework takes your child on a journey, from early years to pre-school, primary school right through to local clubs.

A new level structure focusing on your child’s development.

A timetable designed with more choice and access to a variety of sports so your child can do more.

Classes that run all year, including school holidays. 


  • Quality standard across all coaching activities. 
  • Expert coaches and classes are taken in a safe, local environment. 
  •  Levels that are easy to follow and for your child to understand. 
  • Progression at a rate specific to your child, so they can move up a level when they are ready. 
  • Established pathways from completion of the levels to local clubs. 
  • New online weekly reports so you can see how your child is progress in each activity. 

Memberships start from £20.95 per month! Click HERE for more info.