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National Walking Month – May 2024

Join us this May in celebrating National Walking Month.  As the better weather arrives, we hope that you’re inspired to get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise.   We encourage you to walk as much as you can and, if the Scottish weather takes a turn, we have the perfect solution!

Our Technogym MyWellness app has a great feature which allows you to take your outside walk inside if the weather isn’t great – simply record your walk with the app or your watch (which needs to be connected to your MyWellness app) and the next time you are in the gym, you can replicate your outside walk on one of our treadmills!  Ask one of our gym instructors to show you how to get started or see below for instructions on how to get started!

Happy walking, no matter what the weather has in store!


How to guide:

  1. Navigate to the ‘outdoor activity tracking’ section on the MyWellness app’s home screen. (or record through your smart watch/Strava and make sure these are connected to MyWellness)
  2. Choose your activity (walking/running/cycling)and press ‘select activity’.
  3. After completing your outdoor activity, stop and save it.

When you are ready to replicate the activity on the treadmill:

  1. Log in by scanning the treadmill’s QR code with your camera in the app.  
  2. Access the menu in the top right corner and select ‘my activities’ to review your workouts.
  3. Tap the map icon (second option down) and choose the outdoor walk/run/cycle you wish to replicate.
  4. Select the outdoor walk/run/cycle that you would like to replicate.
  5. Finally, click ‘repeat workout’ at the top of the screen and strive to beat your previous time!