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The Exercise Referral programme introduces individuals experiencing a variety of mental and physical health problems to regular, structured physical activity. The fully qualified Xcite Team, from West Lothian Leisure, are there to encourage and support every individual every step of the way.

By joining the Exercise Referral programme and by changing lifestyle and behaviour habits, you can slow down disease progression and prevent chronic illnesses. Xcite works together with the attendees and their carers to help develop knowledge, skills and confidence so long-term conditions can be managed effectively.

Attendees also enjoy the social aspect of the classes. A total of 42% of referrals remain active with Xcite - the national average is 15%!

"On the start of this journey, I was constantly in and out of the hospital and taking steroids and antibiotics. Don't get me wrong, I do still need some medication but it is few and far between. It has really transformed my life - it's been a brilliant journey." Jimmy who attend 'Keep Going Maintenance Classes'