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Barry is completely blind but this doesn’t stop him training at Xcite Whitburn daily. Hugh Traynor, known to Shug to our members, Gym Instructor @ Xcite Whitburn, thought of a way he could help Barry take part in boxing after he said he would be interested in giving it a go. Watch the video to check out what Shug did to help Barry with his goal!

Take a look at what Barry had to say about his time @ Xcite Whitburn:

“I’m completely blind and the staff are friendly and helpful with my training especially Shug at Xcite Whitburn. We got talking about Maui Thai boxing and I said I would like to do some sort of training for it. Shug went out and bought little bells and he fixed them to the back of his boxing pads. The noise of the bells helps me centre my punch, he also has me doing kicks and knees. Shug has gone above and beyond for me to push my training in a different direction.”