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5 ways to Support Positive Wellbeing

Promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle is essential for our overall wellbeing. Here are five top tips on how to support positive wellbeing in your daily life.


1. Be active

Doing any type of physical activity is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. Going for a walk, visiting the gym or playing sport is good for you. It will improve your energy levels, boost self esteem, improve confidence but most importantly make you feel good

2. Prioritise sleep

Set yourself a goal of going to bed 30 minutes earlier. Having good quality sleep improves your mood and will consequently affect your motivation to do physical activity and make healthier food choices

3. Take notice

Take time to think about yourself and be aware of the present. Think about mindfulness, what you are grateful for and spend time outdoors and in nature.

4. Connect with others

Organise to meet with a friend and have a chat. Being around someone who you talk to can boost your mood, self esteem and provide emotional support when needed

5. Give

There is no better feeling than helping other people. Find a volunteering opportunity that you are passionate about or give up time to spend with someone who is having a difficult time