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Nathan Beestone 



Hey everyone!


My name is Nathan Beestone, I’m part of the Personal Training team here at West Lothian Leisure and I can’t wait to help YOU achieve the goals that you desire most in life!


I’m a big believer in aiming to be the best possible version of yourself. Being a competitive powerlifter I know what it’s like to chase the results desired to be at the top of your game and feel on top of the world.


My specialty is coaching powerlifting/strength based training - no one ever complained about being too strong! It’s without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world, and there’s nothing quite as euphoric as lifting something heavy and feeling like a God!


On top of you becoming strong, I will also help you to shape up and get rid of that desperately unwanted body fat while gaining lean muscle and allowing you to feel both strong and aesthetic - achieving your desired physique.


I’ve worked with a wide variety of people in my time as a coach and I can easily say there’s no better job in the world than helping someone become exactly who they want to be! 


Areas of Expertise;

  • Powerlifting / Strength & Conditioning 
  • Muscle Mass Building
  • Body Fat Reduction (fat loss)
  • Sport Specific Training
  • General Fitness


Interested in booking a PT session with Nathan or would like more information? 

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