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Elliot Doig



I’m Elliot, and I called my Personal Training business ‘Elevate’ because fitness is a journey we can take together, celebrating your successes every step of the way until you Elevate yourself to the best possible version you can be!

My history with fitness is not pretty typical for a Personal Trainer! I was the kid who always hated sports, constantly had notes for P.E class and couldn’t care less about the gym, but something changed and the gym floor became a place of comfort for me.

As your Personal Trainer, I will create a unique fitness programme specific to you, your goals, needs, ability and availability - because anyone should be able to Elevate themselves, no matter their personal situation.

Wanting to get super strong, ready to take on any challenge? How about a hand in helping shift those last few pesky pounds that just won’t leave on their own? It may even be a question of: would you like to just feel better in yourself and celebrate what your body can do? 

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