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David Rettie



My name is David Rettie and I am a Personal Trainer and coach from the West Lothian area.

I specialise in helping men and women of all ages improve their physique. My goal is simple really, and that is to help you become best version of yourself you possibly can be! 

I am a very technical trainer who won't pick random exercises then sit back and count reps. With me I want to make sure every rep you do really counts. I do this by making sure your technique is precise and using a weight you also find challenging. I will keep standards very high with each session and I will do my absolute all in getting the best out of you. I will also provide life and nutritional advice, setting food targets for you to reach but not to worry, I am not going to tell you to cut out your guilty pleasure foods or tell you not to go out with your friends.

It is my upmost belief that you CAN achieve amazing results whilst making room for your favourite meals, snacks and going out now and again. All it takes is a bit of discipline and a little structure which I will provide.


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