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Connor Tsurumi



HI my name is Connor Tsurumi I am a personal trainer with Xcite West Lothian leisure.

I am here to improve your fitness health and wellbeing through 1 to 1 training and nutritional plans and guidance. With my experience in working with a wide range of age groups, whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or have experience in a gym environment, the skills I have obtained through my HND in fitness health and exercise will help with your progress, step by step.

With my support I will help you to stay motivated and assist you to attain your ideal physic through hard work and consistency. Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle mass, increase your strength, or to improve your cardiovascular endurance, your goals will be achieved. Together we will help you to reach your targets by creating a personalised training programme and will coach you on your form, technique and advise you with your diet as we all know, gains are made in the kitchen.

I am a very enthusiastic trainer, and passionate about health and exercise and have extensive knowledge in different disciplines. With me having trained for around 5 years I am excited to share my knowledge to help those who are wanting to make a difference and take me on as their personal trainer, we will attain your goals and aspirations together.



  • Weight loss programme to get rid of those stubborn fat on your body and become healthier to improve quality of life.
  • Muscle building programme which will focus on maximum muscle activation to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Strength programme focus on compound and functional exercises to gain strength and condition the body to move heavy weights to prevent injury.
  • Sport specific programme improve ability in your chosen sport by carrying out exercises in the gym which will assist you un your given sport.
  • Exercises form and technique to educate and coach you on exercises movements to increase the effectiveness in the exercise and prevent injury.


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