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Xcite Coaching hockey introduces children to the fundaments of the sport such as passing, and shooting through fun hockey games and activities.

Primary School

Skills 1

Introduces the children to the fundaments of the sport, i.e. how to use the equipment, co-ordination and learning about the game through fun activities.

Skills 2

Will focus on developing the expertise learnt in Skills 1 and homing in on more technical areas i.e control, passing, speed and agility.

Skills 3

Focuses on further developing expertise learnt in Skills 2 as the children are taught to understand the rules of play and skills and drills for playing Hockey.

Club pathway

On completion of Skills 3, your child will have completed our primary school pathway. They’ll have had a good level of knowledge and competency to continue their hockey journey. Please discuss with coaches the next steps once at this stage. 

Getting Started

View latest timetable availability here and how to sign up.