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At Xcite coaching gymnastics, your child will learn to balance, roll, jump, rebound, turn, climb, throw, and catch! All this along to music and action songs, with hand apparatus and large specialist gymnastics equipment. Kids can improve motor skills, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and posture.

Early Years

Adult and Child  

Have fun with your child and enjoy some quality time whilst learning basic gymnastics skills, motor development and coordination. Work on body shapes, jumping, balance and rolling. Through play and music, the aim is to enhance their physical intellectual and social development. Available for 18months – 3years (until 3rd birthday).


Pre-school 1

Pre-school 1 is the child’s first independent gymnastics class and they will learn fundamental skills of movement and basic gymnastics techniques and shapes. 

Pre-school 2

Further develop skills learned and continue to develop skills needed to progress to Gymnastics Skills 1. 

Primary School 

Skills  1 

This class moves away from using play and music and will incorporate a warm-up activity and stretch. The child will use the skills and shapes developed in their Pre-school class, as well as starting to learn rolls, cartwheels and more strength and balance-related skills.

Skills 2 

To increase the competency of skills learned in Level 1 and learn complete skills starting and finishing correctly. Continue to develop core skills such as rolls and bridges. 

Skills 3 

Having a good grasp of all core skills, we will move to develop these further and add in new skills and variations on skills previously learned. 

Skills 4 

Use all the core skills previously learned and develop them further, with different more challenging variations. 

Pathway to Local Club  

On completion of Skills 4, your child will have completed our primary school pathway. They’ll have had a good level of knowledge and competency to continue their gymnastics journey. Please discuss with coaches the next steps once at this stage. 

Getting Started

View latest timetable availability here and how to sign up.