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Xcite Coaching Football allows young children kick off their football journey for life through being able to express themselves freely, creatively and spontaneously without the pressures of competition.

Early Years

Pre-School 1  

Pre-School 1 is a fun way to kick off your child’s journey of football for life. 

In these creative sessions, your child will be introduced to a wide range of football activities. Using their imagination, your child will play their way through fun themed sessions, from animals, countries, pirates, colours to numbers as they learn basic football skills!  

Pre-School 2  

Building on Pre-school 1 these sessions are designed to improve your child’s physical literacy, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, balancing, ball control, bouncing, catching and developing kicking of the ball. ​Continuing with themed topics from Pre-School 1, they’ll enjoy a fun, holistic educational experience as their skills developed ready for the next step into Skills 1.  

Primary School 

Skills 1  

Skills 1 introduces your child to individual and team skills through fun activities and games.  They’ll develop an understanding of the importance of team play and build on their learning from Pre-School 1 & 2 along with learning new basic skills of football.

Skills 2  

Skills 2 further builds upon the skills and competencies learnt in Skills 1 as well as building confidence in their play. They’ll learn more detailed and technical parts of the game through creative games. 

Skills 3 

Skills 3 is the natural progression for your child to more advanced skills and introduces multi football skills and disciplines of the game. They’ll learn movement and space on the park and identify how team play and individual skills are important to any team success.  

Pathway to Local Club

On completion of Skills 3, your child will have completed our primary school pathway. They’ll have had a good level of knowledge and competency to continue their football journey. Please discuss with coaches the next steps once at this stage. 

Getting Started

View latest timetable availability here and how to sign up.