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Dancing has never been so fun!

Wanting easy and fun dances to follow if so come along and join Line Dancing!

If you enjoy Line Dancing or would like to try for the first time then these are the classes is for you! Easy to follow steps ensure you will have great fun at this class!

To find out days and times of the class, please click here for more detail

There are various different levels to participate in such as:

Absolute Beginner - Level 1

This classification refers to a line dance routine that is choreographed to suit those who have had no previous dance experience.

Beginner - Level 2

This classification is referring to a line dance routine that will build upon the skills learned at the Absolute Beginner level. The routines will be suitable for those who have had previous dance experience.

Improver - Level 3 

This classification is referring to choreography that will rely upon previous dance experience and the basic skills learned within the last two levels. This level will have additional step patterns, dances routines up to 64 counts and several turns. Dancers will also be introduced, if not already, to routines featuring tags and restarts.

Intermediate - Level 4

This classification feature dance routines suitable for the most experienced dancers who have mastered a range of step patterns and movements. A routine at this level will likely feature interesting steps combinations, syncopations, timing variations, and more!