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We want you to build and sustain an exercise habit that you enjoy, is challenging and becomes part of your longer term lifestyle...


If you feel like you’re not reaching the goals and objectives you set in your Start Well appointment, book in for a Feel Well session.  Our team will welcome you back to measure your targets and provide you with recommendations and programme amends to keep you motivated. 


At this 1-2-1 consultation with your Gym Instructor, you'll go over your specific needs and discuss any concerns or queries you may have. 

  • Review your goals and objectives
  • Discuss how the programme is going
  • Look at your progress and if you wish, make changes to your current programme 
  • Revisit the My Wellness App to ensure you're getting the most out of it 

It is important for us to find out how your wellness journey is going. The Feel Well session is your opportunity to let the instructor know what you think about your journey and how you are enjoying it. Your instructor will suggest other activities offered at Xcite, included in your membership, to help keep your training fresh and make sure you're getting great value for your membership.

They'll make updates on your programme from your feedback and results so your journey continues to be challenging, motivating and fun! 

Speak to a member of the gym team to book your Feel Well session or book direct via the Xcite App.


Stage 4: Ongoing Support