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Make the most of your workout and refresh your gym routine with Xcite Options

A specialised training option tailored to your fitness journey or introducing you to different training styles to help vary your workout to keep you motivated and FEELING WELL. 

Xcite members can also book a 30 minute Feel Well Options session every 4 weeks with our professional gym team. These 1-2-1 sessions are included in your membership and a great way to find out more about a particular area of Health & Fitness. This session can be made by booking your slot with one of our gym team next time you visit or through our reception.

Please note that you can also book your Feel Well Options session through our WLL Xcite App!


There are six Xcite Options to choose from:

  • XO Core Training - This session will help you focus and understand how to work your core muscles and why your core is crucial to all-round fitness
  • XO Flexibility - This session will focus on the benefits of static and dynamic stretching and you’ll be shown how and when to perform these, improving your general wellbeing
  • XO Free Weights - This session will show you the basics and benefits on how to use free weights and key weights equipment to ensure you feel comfortable and confident about working out in this area
  • XO Functional Training - This session will focus on functional fitness such as strength, stability and mobility. All necessary for everyday living, activity and sport
  • XO Suspension Training - This session will show you how to use the suspension trainer safely and effectively
  • XO Tanita -  This session is fast, simple, easy to understand and highly effective in understanding your body composition e.g. Body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, and much more


Stage 3: Your Feel Well Appointment