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12/09/2016 14:43 My Xcite - Download the App NOW!

Track your fitness progress, save your workouts and monitor your fitness goals! You can be active at home, at work, in the gym, in the pool, in the garden, or playing with the kid. With the ‘My Xcite’ app you can measure ALL of your daily activity! This new, free app records all your workouts at Xcite gyms, automatically updating with your Technogym Key system data (your own key with specific gym programme and result details), and you can add in other indoor and outdoor activities as you go, including housework and mowing the lawn!

Measured by ‘MOVES’ the scores are independent of body weight so they are a more effective way of comparing your activity levels to those of your friends. Via the app you can access your activity data, see your results and review your progress. My Xcite also links to Fitbit, Strava, Mapmyrun, Garmin, Myfitnesspal, Polar, Swimtag and more health apps allowing you to access all your lifestyle data in the one place, especially if you like to crunch the numbers!

To download My Xcite:

Download directly via your App Store on your Apple device.

My Xcite app is also available for Android on Google Play.


08/09/2016 00:00 Have You Got The Xcite Factor? Join Our Team

Have you got the Xcite factor? Check out the latest job opportunities with Xcite and join our team.

At Xcite we aim to enhance the community’s quality of life! The Xcite Team is on hand to encourage, motivate and support our customers. As part of the team you'll be able to deliver the best services to customers so they leave Xcite with the feel good factor!

If you believe you can make a real difference to people's health, happiness and wellness within West Lothian we want to hear from you! We’re always evolving and training our staff on an ongoing basis.

Be part of the Xcite Team and flourish in a rewarding and enjoyable environment. Read more about our current opportunities and the benefits of joining the Xcite team here:

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Sauna/Steam Room

For many people a regular sauna/steam bath leaves them with a general feeling of relaxation, well being and relieves stress levels. 16yrs+

Regular sauna/steam bath will leave you with a general feeling of relaxation and wellbeing with a consequent reduction in perceived stress levels.

Benefits of Sauna/Steam Room @ Xcite

  • Our Sauna and Steam Rooms are regularly cleaned
  • We use scents to help you relax
  • Poolside showers

Sauna & Steam Rooms are available @ the following Xcite Venues

  • Xcite Armadale  T: 01501 678520
  • Xcite Bathgate  T: 01506 776790
  • Xcite Bathgate  T: 01506 776790
  • Xcite Broxburn  T: 01506 775680
  • Xcite Linlithgow T: 01506 775440
  • Xcite Livingston  T: 01506 777870
  • Xcite Whitburn  T: 01501 678070

For many people a regular sauna/steam bath leaves them with a general feeling of relaxation and well being with a consequent reduction in perceived stress levels. Opening and closing of the pores of the skin, together with the action of frequent showering ensures a very thorough cleansing regime and can help to provide a health skin.

Benefits Of Sauna/Steam Room

  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Steam is an excellent treatment for respiratory problems
  • Relaxation
  • Take a cold shower afterwards, this sets the blood flowing, tightening and smoothing skin tissues




Price includes a swim

£5.35; Xcite Livingston £5.85; 60+ WL resident £1.35, 60+ Non WL resident £4.15



Please choose a venue to view the timetable for this activity.