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NEWS UPDATE 21/5/20 - check out our latest news section and FAQs for updates on golf and all our other venues and more here At present all our venues remain closed. ***All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us***
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Payment Options - Monthly Direct Debit
First subscription instalment paid in advance when applying for a place in the Learn 2 Swim Programme using one of the following payment methods:
1. Cash 2. Credit/ Debit Card
Subsequent subscription payments will be made by Direct Debit and will continue on a monthly basis with payments being requested on the 1st of each calendar month. Should the 1st of the month fall on a non bank working day then the payment will be request on the following bank working day.

In the event of an unpaid Direct Debit we will notify you of the unpaid subscription and arrange for this to be recollected on the 18th of the month. You can pay the unpaid fee at any Xcite Venue prior to the 18th if you require. If the Direct Debit is still unpaid after the 18th then your Learn 2 Swim Subscription will go into default and you may lose your place in the Learn 2 Swim Lesson Programme. 

General Terms & Conditions
a) Learn 2 Swim Lessons are paid in advance and no credits are issued for absenteeism.
b) The Learn 2 Swim Monthly Subscription entitles the customer to one place in Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited Learn 2 Swim Programme
c) Any subsequent place/ s in the Learn 2 Swim Programme will require an additional monthly subscription being added to cover the extra Learn 2 Swim place.
d) In the event of a customer being booked into the Learn 2 Swim Programme more than once without a subsequent subscription, then this will result in immediate removal of the customer from the Learn 2 Swim Programme.
e) Learn 2 Swim subscription fees are non-refundable, unless in circumstances were Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited is found to be in breach of contract.
f) The Learn 2 Swim Programme offers an award scheme for swimmers enrolled in the programme. Through continual assessment the swim teacher will ensure the swimmer has achieved the required criteria before offering the opportunity to purchase a badge and a certificate. The costs of the awards will be in addition to any fees already paid for the Learn 2 Swim Programme and is an entirely optional purchase.
g) As pupils progress through the Learn to Swim Programme there will be a need for Pupils to change classes. This could involve a change of teacher and/ or time/ day of lesson.
h) The allocation of new class placements will be made through the Xcite Reception who will advise on the availability of suitable classes.
i) There may be a delay between you achieving an award and a new placement being found. In this instance you will remain with the current class until a placement is found.
j) Cancellation of the Learn 2 Swim Subscription can be received via our Learn 2 Swim Cancellation Form at an Xcite Venue or by cancelling your Direct Debit at the bank. Cancellation of the Learn 2 Swim subscription will result in the immediate removal from the Learn 2 Swim Programme.
k) From time to time we (Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited) may have to make changes to the Learn 2 Swim General Terms and Conditions and reserve the right to do this. Any such changes will take effect when advertised on our website. An up-to-date version of the General terms and Conditions will be available to read on our website and at each Xcite Venue, and will be the operative General Terms and Conditions replacing the earlier version.
l) Xcite Swipe cards are issued to all current customers and these cards must be used to gain entry to your Learn 2 Swim Lesson every time.
m) Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited reserves the right to cancel a Learn 2 Swim subscription with immediate removal from the Learn 2 Swim Programme if, there are believed to be reasonable grounds to do so, such as a breach of contract or Xcite Venue rules. In such cases NO refund of Learn 2 Swim Subscription will be given.
n) Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited reserve the right to review Learn 2 Swim monthly subscription fees at its discretion and Direct Debit payments may be increased or decreased accordingly. We will give you at least 14 days notice of any proposed increase or decrease and you will have the right to terminate your Learn 2 Swim subscription at any time between the notification and the price charge being applied. If we do not hear from you we deem that you have accepted the price increase.
o) Sometimes there are matters beyond our control which affect our service and may result in Xcite Venues or the Learn 2 Swim Programme being unavailable for a limited period of time. All activities and service are therefore subject to availability. Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited has taken this into consideration and will guarantee a minimum of 44 lessons per year and has based the monthly payment structure on a 44 lesson format. The Learn 2 Swim Programme operates for 48 weeks of the year so you may receive up to 4 lessons free of charge.
p) Please ensure that all babies/ toddlers wear swim nappies at all times whilst in the water. The failure to wear swim nappies may result in removal from the Learn 2 Swim Programme. Swim Nappies are available to purchase from all Xcite Swim Venues.
q) From time to time a Learn 2 Swim Lesson may be removed from the Programme and while every effort will be made to accommodate you in another lesson we can not guarantee that the lesson will be on the same day or time.
r) In the interest of Health & Safety, parents/ spectators are not permitted on the poolside.
s) Pupils will be collected from the changing area by the Learn 2 Swim Teacher, please ensure your child stays with you and does not enter the water while waiting. Once the lesson ends all pupils will be returned to the changing area.
t) Please detail and explain any medical condition (i.e. asthma, hearing and sight problems) in writing prior to the first lesson.
u) No jewellery will be allowed during lessons (except medical or religious reasons, which must be brought to the attention of the Xcite Venue Manager).
v) Failure to attend the Learn to Swim Programme may result in the removal and cancellation of the Learn 2 Swim Monthly Subscription. To assist Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited manage the Learn 2 Swim Programme please inform the Xcite Reception Team of any periods of absenteeism.
w) Xcite West Lothian Leisure Limited reserves the right to refuse any application for our Learn 2 Swim Subscription, if there are believed to be, reasonable grounds to do so.
x) From time to time we may video our Swim Teacher delivering lessons which plays a part in their ongoing development. The videos will be used for training purposes only and will not be used out with the Charity or for advertising purposes.
y) The Learn 2 Swim Monthly subscription does not entitle to customer to Xcite Swim Session and is for the sole purpose of the Learn 2 Swim Programme.