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Coronavirus - All our venues are currently closed. All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us. Click here for more information.
Latest Update 25-3-20 - The golf courses at Polkemmet Country Park and Balbardie Park of Peace are now closed. 
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Did you know…
That if there is a nappy leak, or someone is sick in the pool, then the pool could be closed to all users for up to 27 hours! That’s a lot of unhappy swimmers.

Check in

Make sure you have checked in at reception/kiosk and retain your ticket.

Blue shoes covers

Wearing these fancy blue covers over your shoes helps keep the changing and pool areas clean. These are available at reception and before entering the changing areas – pop them on and keep us happy! We’ll moan if you don’t.

Get squeaky clean!

Use the showers before entering the pool to keep the water clean.

Little ones

Children that wear nappies must wear special baby costumes or Swim Pants. Swim Pants are available to buy @ Xcite Swim receptions.

Make sure that children go to the toilet before swimming to help avoid any little accidents. If your child does have an accident in the pool please let us know ASAP so we can
attend to this straight away.

When NOT to swim

If you’ve got the Cold, Flu, other infectious illnesses, had Diarrhoea within the last 2 days, or Cryptosporidiosis within the last 2 weeks - don’t swim.

Don’t swim if you have open wounds, severe eczema or any other infectious skin complaints.

Don’t visit the pool if you have head lice, athlete’s foot or verrucas.

If you have an illness or treatment that makes you prone to infection, or affected badly by it, you should take medical advice before swimming.

Don’t swim if you are under the influence of drink or drugs.

Swimming on a full stomach can lead to cramps…don’t do it.

New to swimming?

Get to know the pool before you swim. Look for signs about different depth and zones. Think about your own your own swimming abilities. Non-swimmers shouldn’t enter water that is out of their depth.

Safety in the pool

Speak to the Xcite Team if you require any specialist assistance, or if you are suffering from any illness, such as epilepsy, which may affect your safety in the pool. If in doubt please consult your doctor before participating in water activities.

If the pool has flumes, water cannons or any other features make sure you read the additional signs and listen to Xcite Team.

Don’t hold your breath underwater for long periods and should never do so whilst floating face down.

Listen to Xcite Swim Team! They are not here to spoil your fun but to ensure your safety.

Swimming lessons

During swimming lessons children 7 years and under can’t enter the water before/after their lesson without an adult.
Parents/guardians have to remain in the building during their child’s lesson.

Let’s Keep it Clean!
Check out our Pool Guidelines for more info including our Swimming Admission Policy @ You can also download our Swim Timetable for all our 6 Swim Venues.