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NEWS UPDATE 21/5/20 - check out our latest news section and FAQs for updates on golf and all our other venues and more here At present all our venues remain closed. ***All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us***
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See below rules in an Xcite Gym:

Check in

Make sure you have checked in at reception/kiosk and retain your ticket, otherwise you could be asked to leave the gym. We do spot checks throughout the day.

Dress sense

Wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear to the gym. If you’re not sure ask a member of the Xcite Team for their advice prior to attending. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Footwear must be worn at all times in the gym.


Stay tidy and put your jacket and bags etc in the lockers provided to keep the gym clear. Leave everything in there and put your game face on!

Silence the phone...

Respect other customers and silence your mobile phone while you’re at the gym. Don’t make calls while in the gym, take it outside.

Chewing gum

Don’t risk choking by chewing gum during your workout. Put it in one of the bins on your way in.

Bad language

No abusive language or cursing is acceptable while in an Xcite venue. Be courteous of other gym users.

Injuries & medical conditions

Please advise the Xcite Team in the gym if you have any injuries or medical conditions if you are returning to the gym after a long break. Also make them aware if you are pregnant and please stay hydrated! 

Gym equipment that’s new to you?

If you haven’t been shown or are unsure as to how to use any piece of kit in the gym ask one of the Xcite Gym Team. They are fully qualified Gym Instructors and will be happy to help you.

Busy times

During peak times limit the use of equipment to 30 minutes each.

Nobody wants to use sweaty kit!

Take a second and quickly wipe down equipment after you have used it with the spray and paper towels provided.

Personal Training

Strictly NO PT allowed in the Gym, unless managed by Xcite. 


Top tunes!

We have assessed the noise levels in the gym to ensure they are set at an appropriate level. Exposure to loud music can damage your hearing.

On the weights!

Don’t be lazy!

You’ve come here for a workout so make sure you put the free weights away correctly when you are finished using them.

Safety first

When lifting barbells collars must be used at all times.

Don’t drop it like it’s hot. Don’t slam or drop the weights down after use. If the weight is too heavy, use a lighter one or ask the Xcite Gym Team for an alternative move to do.

You missed a spot!

Use a spotter if you can as they can give you feedback on technique and help you put away weights.


Is someone waiting to use the same machine as you? Let them work on while you rest.


Keep all noises to a minimum including grunting through a set…no one wants to hear it.

Be aware of who is around you

Don’t stand between a mirror and a person using it to check their form. Be mindful of what other gym goers are doing and what equipment they are using.

Most of all have FUN!
At Xcite we have Xcite Options for you to home in and develop new gym skills so you get more out of your workout - PLUS it’s FREE to members. There are 8 Xcite Gyms in West Lothian and members have access to them all. For more info ask the Xcite Team or visit