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NEWS UPDATE 21/5/20 - check out our latest news section and FAQs for updates on golf and all our other venues and more here At present all our venues remain closed. ***All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us***
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Book in Advance 

You can book fitness classes in advance 7 days online or 5 days at reception. This lets you plan your workouts for the week ahead and avoid disappointment if the class is full. It also enables us to contact you if there are any last minute changes to the class you are booked in for.

Check in on arrival

Make sure you have paid or checked in at reception. Picked up your ticket from reception/kiosk, even if you have booked online.

Give your ticket to the Instructor at the start of the class, otherwise you could be asked to leave the class and incur a £2.00 no show fee.

Don’t be a DIVA

Arrive at your class 5 minutes before the start time. If you are late, and definitely if you miss the warm up, you may not be allowed in to the class.

Dress sense

Wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear to the class. If you’re not sure ask a member of the Xcite Team for their advice prior to attending. If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.


Stay tidy and put your jacket and bags etc in the lockers provided to keep the gym clear. Leave everything in there and put your game face on!
Switch off...

Respect other customers and switch off/silence your mobile phone while you’re at the class.

Chewing gum

Don’t risk choking by chewing gum during the class. Put it in one of the bins on your way into class.

Don’t be shy say ‘Hi’

First time attending the class? Say ‘Hi’ to the Instructor before the class begins. If you’re attending a water based class and are a non-swimmer let the Instructor know.

Injuries & medical conditions

Please advise the Instructor if you have any injuries, illness or are pregnant before the class starts.

Grab your equipment

If your fitness class requires kit make sure you get set up and put it away when the Instructor says.

Don’t forget to put your mat away at the end of a class, if it’s sweaty give it a wipe down with the spray and paper towel provided.

Drink up!

Stay hydrated throughout your workout by drinking water.

Top tunes!

We have assessed the noise levels in the fitness class to ensure they are set at an appropriate level. Exposure to loud music can damage your hearing.

Stretch it out

After your class stay for the cool down to reduce the risk of injury.

MOST of all have fun!
We Run over 400 Classes per week! From Les Mills to Our own Xcite Range to water based classes.
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