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What age can you start swimming lessons?
Our Adult & Baby classes start from as young as 4 months and is excellent bonding opportunity for both adult and baby.

Do you offer Adult Lesson?
Yes – we run Adult lessons across a number of venues so it is never too late to learn.

When do swimming lessons take place?
We deliver swimming lessons 7 days a week, every week excluding Swim Teacher Training Weeks and Xmas holidays. Times of lessons will differ slightly across the venues, however we aim to run all levels within an hour to make progression through the programme less complicated.

My child has a disability. Can they take part?
Absolutely. We try to encourage children to participate within the main swimming lesson programme as much as possible. Lessons can be adapted as necessary to help all children achieve their potential. If your child has specific needs please contact the Swim Team at your chosen swim venue who will be delighted to assist.

How can I sign up to lessons?
You can join Learn 2 Swim at any point. Read more about how to book, waiting lists and prices here.

What should my child wear during their lesson?

  • Swim Nappies for babies and young kids must be used at all times – these are available to purchase at reception. Please make sure nappies fit and do not leak.
  • Short swimming jammers/trunks and swimming costumes are recommended.
  • Do not dress your child in swimwear that is baggy or too big as this will affect their mobility in the water and will make it harder for them to pick up new skills.
  • Goggles - not essential but they can help a child overcome fear of putting their face in the water.
  • All equipment needed will be issued by the teacher during the lesson. No armbands and swimming aids are required for the lesson.
  • Learn 2 Swim Caps must be worn at all lessons –see here for more details.

We sell a good range of Zogg swimsuits and accessories for all ages as well as Swim Nappies at all our swim venues.

How long does to take to learn to swim?
There is no definite timeline, children take different amounts of time and find some skills easier to learn than others. If you take your child swimming outwith lessons times there is a high probability that they will progress more quickly – practise is the key.

How do I know what skills my child need to improve on to move up?
Parent Portal will show you how your child is progressing within their Level. Exit criteria points are as detailed as possible to help you understand exactly skills your child needs to improve to move up.

How do I find out when my child is ready to move?
We’ll email you when a child is ready to move up, this will include the new allocated level and any potential time changes. We try, where possible, to keep your child’s lesson on the same day and as close to your current lesson time.

Please make sure we have your email address in our system, you can check this at reception.

How long should my child stay in lessons?
After completion of Swim Skills 4 your child will be a strong and confident swimmer therefore we highly recommend that children stay in the programme until at least this point.

My child would like to join a swimming club, how do I go about it?
We offer Club Ready Swim lessons to let children experience a club based environment. We work closely with local swimming clubs so once your child is ready we’ll help them make the transition to the club.

Why is my child playing games in the pool?
'Learning through play' is fundamental to Learn 2 Swim. There'll be plenty of fun activities and games in the pool to keep swimming interesting for your child whilst teaching them a variety of skills. The activities are planned by the Teacher to ensure your child is challenged in different ways whilst learning core aquatic skills, essential for them to learn more complex skills.

Why are the teachers using iPods during the lesson?
Swim Teachers use iPods on poolside to complete class registers and carry out assessments. This enables data to be upload online onto our Parent Portal giving you access to weekly reports on your child’s progress.

Other functions available within the iPod, such as camera have been disabled.