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Better Pregnancy Posture

By including specific exercises, especially for the back and abdominals, the impact of the developing pregnancy on posture can be reduced. This in turn can help to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain.

Better Circulation

The smooth muscle of blood vessel walls relaxes under the influence of progesterone during pregnancy. By exercising or being active regularly, blood flow can be improved and potentially reduce the formation of varicose veins.

Maintenance of Bone Density

By incorporating weight bearing activity into an activity programme bone density can be maintained throughout the 9 months of pregnancy.

Easier Delivery

Performing appropriate activity during pregnancy can help to improve fitness in preparation for child birth. If you are relatively strong, with good stamina then you may be able to cope with labour more easily.

Less Fat on Baby

Babies born to exercising mums tend to be of similar dimensions (length and head circumference) but have less fat on them than babies born to non-exercising mums. This is potentially better for them as they have a healthier body composition.

Control of Weight Gain

A certain amount of weight gain is essential in pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can increase the risk of complications and can exacerbate joint pain. Exercise can help control this.

Increased Self Confidence

Even if you are happy to be pregnant and looking forward to the birth, you might start to feel a bit down about some of the changes that are happening to your body. Exercise can help to maintain good posture, body awareness and also allowing you to be in control of your own body again. Exercises can improve self image and confidence.

Social Aspest

Exercise will give you the opportunity to meet other mums and share experiences. This may help with reassurance that you are not alone and what you are going through is natural and normal.

Quicker Post Natal Recovery

Muscles that are toned and strong prior to and during pregnancy will recover more quickly after delivery. This could have a number of positive effects – firstly it should enable you to cope with the physical demands of motherhood better and secondly, it may give you a mental boost if you are able to regain your pre-pregnancy shape more quickly.

Check with your GP or Midwife

We advise anyone who is pregnant and partaking, or wishing to partake, in exercise to discuss this with their GP or Midwife first.

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If you have any queries regarding exercising during your pregnancy please ask your Gym instructor or you can email your question to our Health & Wellbeing Team.