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Customer Notice: The sports hall lights @ Xcite Craigswood are getting an upgrade! Work starts on Monday 26 August and is due to be completed by Thursday 5 September.

During this time the sports hall will be unavailable for all bookings. For any further information please contact reception on T: 01506 237940.

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This 30 minute appointment will help and provide you with information on how to incorporate the basics of nutrition along with your active lifestyle. It’s a great way to learn a bit more about the following:

• The energy balance in weight gain/balance or loss
• The basics of Macronutrients
• Easy Measurement system of food
• Pre Training meals/Post Training Meals

How to Book
The quickest and easiest way to view and book our Xcite Option is via the WLL Xcite App

You'll find Xcite Options available under 'Gym Classes'.

Membership: included in all Adult and Senior Xcite Memberships
Non Members: Pay-per-visit 
Concession: Concession Membership and Concession Pay-per-visit.