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Customer Notice: The sports hall lights @ Xcite Craigswood are getting an upgrade! Work starts on Monday 26 August and is due to be completed by Thursday 5 September.

During this time the sports hall will be unavailable for all bookings. For any further information please contact reception on T: 01506 237940.

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Easyline is ideal for people of all ages! It helps you to hold your limbs in place and maintain the correct position, so that there is no pressure on your joints and reduces risk of strain and injury. 16yrs +

  • A complete body workout in 30 minutes.
  • No need to adjust weight stacks found in normal gyms.
  • All round circuit training. Both first time users and experienced trainers will find the range of equipment beneficial to their health.
  • Regardless of your current levels of fitness the equipment is designed  to give you specific fitness results. The mix of resistance machines and step exercises will give an improvement to both muscle tone and heart/lung benefits.
  • Easier to use on your joints and can help with rehabilitation from injury. Similarly, those suffering chronic injury can also find that use of the equipment is of benefit to them.

How to Book
The quickest and easiest way to view and book our Xcite fitness classes is via the WLL Xcite App

Easyline is also available as part of Ageing Well activity programme find out more here, and our Senior Programme.

Membership: included in Premier, Young Adult, Student and POL Memberships.
Non Members: Pay-per-visit 
Concession: Concession Membership and Concession Pay-per-visit. 


Xcite Broxburn/Craigswood and East Calder

Supervised Softplay Sessions for 18months -7 years is available Xcite Bathgate/Craigswood/Linlithgow/Livingston and Whitburn to let you workout while your kids get active too!