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Coronavirus - All our venues are currently closed. All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us. Click here for more information.
Latest Update 25-3-20 - The golf courses at Polkemmet Country Park and Balbardie Park of Peace are now closed. 
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Did you know if there has been an ‘accident’ in the swimming pool, it can take up to 27 hours for it to be treated?

We understand that ‘accidents’ do happen; loose nappies, being unwell with a cold, flu, diarrhoea or another infectious illness. Swimming on a full stomach is also a bad idea as it can be the cause of cramps causing sickness.

If there has been an ‘accident’ in the swimming pool, the water needs to be treated and filtered so we can make sure it is clean and safe for customers to use. We also need to make sure the water is chemically balanced and warmed up! This affects all swimmers, from Learn 2 Swim lessons, Xcite Aqua and those who are using swimming to train and develop their skills.

We kindly ask all of our customers to take the time to read through our helpful pool guidelines to help us avoid these types of closures.