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Customer Notice: The sports hall lights @ Xcite Craigswood are getting an upgrade! Work starts on Monday 26 August and is due to be completed by Thursday 5 September.

During this time the sports hall will be unavailable for all bookings. For any further information please contact reception on T: 01506 237940.

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Babies can start swimming lessons from birth as they don’t need to have completed their injections. Our early years programme has three levels: Adult & Baby, Adult & Toddler and Adult & Child. Each level has one thing in common, to develop confidence in the water through songs, structured games and play. Each level has an overall aim, objectives, content and tasks to guarantee you and your baby are relaxed and enjoy the water. The benefits to both parent and baby of swimming together is immense!

• It’s great for physical and mental health.
• Helps your baby’s heart, lungs and physical respiratory system.
• Helps stimulates all five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight & sound.
• Helps develop their co-ordination.
• Builds their strength.
• Helps aid bonding.
• Boosts their overall wellbeing.
• Can improve their eating and sleeping patterns too!

Fancy giving it a go? Take a look at our swimming lesson availability here