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NEWS UPDATE 21/5/20 - check out our latest news section and FAQs for updates on golf and all our other venues and more here At present all our venues remain closed. ***All Direct Debit payments have been frozen you do not need to contact us***
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We’d like to thank all of our fantastic customers for the ongoing support we have received over the last weeks. It truly means a lot to us. We have been blown away with your kindness and by those who have offered to continue to pay their direct debit to support us at this challenging time. We are extremely grateful.

As a charity shutting our venues and freezing customers’ memberships has huge consequences for us and also the health of West Lothian. We have invested in the health and wellbeing of all the West Lothian community for 21 years, including specific programmes for the most vulnerable. We hope we will be able to continue to do so in the future.

If you are able to offer your support by continuing your direct debit please complete the below form below.

Your membership ID is on the bottom of email sent.

Please select if you would like to continue to pay monthly while we are closed or only for the next payment in June 2020.

Tick to confirm