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Why is Xcite changing the booking system for Fitness Classes?

Several customers have asked us to introduce advanced booking for fitness classes. We are now able to offer this service online as well as onsite. You’ll be able to plan your classes for the next week knowing that you have been guaranteed your space. Alternatively if you cannot booked into your first choice you can select another class which could be at another Xcite venue.

When will I be able to book a class online?

You can now book your classes online here!

Do I need to book online?

No, you can also book at reception 5 days in advance or at an Xcite check-in kiosk on the day of the class. Online bookings can be made 7 days in advance at My Xcite and can be accessed 24 hours a day, easily bookable from your phone, tablet or desktop. No need to queue at reception to book! You can also manage your bookings in this area to re-book or cancel a class.

I’m a member but I don’t have my log in details to access online bookings?

No problem, simply complete this online form Xcite Online Details and we’ll email you your ID and PIN to login (allow 24 hours, this can be longer at weekends and public holidays). Alternatively you can contact reception who will be able to release this information after completing a few security questions.

Do I need to be a member to book in advance?

No you can book as a pay-per-visit user online or at reception. You can register at My Xcite as a pay-per-visit user. Download our helpful user guide on how to get set up your account. If you have registered with us before you will need to complete our Xcite Online Details form for your PIN and ID. The online booking system will not allow you to create a duplicate.

Can I cancel a fitness class online?

Yes, if you login to My Xcite Online Bookings and go to ‘Manage Bookings’ (this is in the menu bar on mobile and tablet) you’ll be able to cancel your fitness class booking up to 20 minutes before the start time of the booking. You can also cancel at reception prior to the class start time.

Why do I have to pay £2.00 No Show fee if I’m a member?

We offered advanced bookings for classes in previous years and had to remove this service due to a large amount of ‘no shows’ and unhappy customers who could not get into a class. Class spaces would be pre-booked but the booked customer did not show up to attend.

We’ve taken advice from other fitness operators to see what effective practices they have in deterring no shows and we found that a small penalty fee had the best result in reducing no shows.

At Xcite we do not wish to charge anyone for not turning up, we just want everyone to have a fair opportunity to participate in their favourite fitness class. So if you can’t make a booking please cancel it and give someone else the opportunity. You can cancel up to 220 minutes in advance of the class start time online at My Xcite or by phoning reception before the class starts.

If I have a No Show penalty fee, how do I pay it?

The easiest way to pay is by logging into My Xcite and clicking on Basket in the main menu bar where you will find the £2.00 charge. You can then pay this through the WorldPay secure payment portal. Once paid your membership will operate as normal.

What do I do if I’ve received a No Show penalty but I was at the Fitness Class?

It is important that everyone attending a class to register their attendance at Reception or check-in kiosk to obtain a ticket for the fitness class. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have a ticket for the class and pass this onto the instructor to avoid no show penalties being incorrectly applied to your account.

If classes are fully booked will there be a waiting list?

Yes, we will operate waiting lists on all fitness classes so that once they become full you can add your name to the waiting list. Should a space become free then an email will be sent to the whole waiting list and whoever is fastest making the booking will get the space in the class.

If I provide my email address will I be bombarded with emails?

No. We do not pass data on to any third parties and your information is held under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We do use email as our preferred method of communication for: all membership correspondence, booking confirmation and booking reminders. We will, from time to time, send out an enewsletter to keep our customers up to date on what’s happening at Xcite and any up and coming developments that will enhance your Xcite experience.

Sometimes the Reception is busy and I don’t want to be late for the class, can I jump the queue or go straight to the class?

Unfortunately no, you must obtain a receipt from the reception or kiosk so that your attendance is recorded. The receipt must then be given to the instructor to ensure you’re booked into the fitness class. We know Reception can be busy and we do suggest giving yourself plenty of time prior to the start of the class to avoid disappointment.

Why do I have to give the Fitness Class Instructor or Xcite Member of Staff a ticket?

  1. To ensure you have recorded your attendance at the Xcite to avoid a No Show penalty fee. It is the customer’s responsibility to register their attendance when entering an Xcite Venue, failure to do so will incur a No Show penalty fee even if you have been at the class but failed to record your attendance.
  2. This will deter customers from entering fitness classes who are not booked in. This can cause problems especially if the class is fully book and there isn’t enough space or equipment for everyone in the class. This situation can also result in losing time in the class.

Xcite would like everyone to get the best from their fitness class, here are some helpful tips so customers avoid any disappointment.

  • Book your class in advance online.
  • Arrive at least 5 mins before your class.
  • Remember to check in at reception or kiosk to register your attendance when you arrive and get your receipt.
  • Hand over your receipt to your Fitness Instructor in the Fitness Class.
  • Can’t make it? Remember to cancel your class and avoid penalty fees.

Enjoy your class

We hope that the introduction of fitness class booking will help improve your Xcite experience!

Find out more about Xcite's booking rules, terms and conditions here


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