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Advanced Fitness Class Bookings – NOW LIVE!


You are now able to book your fitness class in advance online or at reception! At Xcite we have over 400 Fitness Classes running each week for you to choose from.

Benefits of Advanced Bookings!

  • Plan your week’s workout in advance.
  • You’ll know that you have a guaranteed space to a specific fitness class.
  • No more disappointment when arriving to an Xcite fitness class to find out it's full.
  • If you can’t get into the fitness class you first select you can look at an alternative which could be at another Xcite venue.
  • Motivation to go – you’ve already booked in!

How to book?

Please read below for information on how to book. We also have help guides on how to make a booking, how to use advanced search, how to use search on home page and how to cancel a booking.

Online @ My Xcite

You’ll be able to book 7 days in advance online. By booking online you’ll be able to book your next week’s class easily from your mobile, tablet or desktop. Simply log into your My Xcite account using your PIN and ID. You’ll be emailed confirmation and a reminder of your booked class. You can also manage your class bookings in this area, allowing you to re-book or cancel your fitness class. You can book online up to 30mins before a class starts.

You don’t need to be a member to book a fitness class, you can also pay-per-visit. All you need to do is register your details online @ My Xcite or at any Xcite venue ReceptionDownload our helpful user guide on how to get set up your account.

If you are member or have registered with us before but cannot remember your PIN and ID login details please complete this PIN and ID Recovery form and we’ll send you your details. We aim to do this within 24hrs, however this can be longer at weekends and public holidays. Or you can contact Reception who will be able to give you the details after completing a few security questions. Please note if you are in our system it will not allow you to create a duplicate online.

Book @ Reception!

You’ll be able to book 5 days in advance at Reception . Why not ask for your online PIN and ID next time you visit so you can enjoy the benefits of booking online.

Book @ Xcite Check-in kiosk!

You’ll be able to book on the day of your class at Xcite Venues at kiosk stations (available Xcite Bathgate, Craigswood, Linlithgow and Whitburn).


How to Cancel?

Cancellations can be made online up to 20 minutes before the start time of a fitness class. After this time you will need to contact the Xcite Venue directly to cancel the fitness class before the start time. You can cancel online by logging into your My Xcite account online. Select 'Manage Bookings' to select class to cancel (this is in the menu bar on mobile and tablet). You cannot cancel by email or via our social media channels, only via your My Xcite account or contacting Reception directly. Please note a No Show £2.00 penalty fee will occur on your account if you do not attend a booked class which you have not cancelled. 

Having difficulties cancelling online - download our guide here. 

Why we have a No Show £2.00 penalty fee?

To help discourage non-attendance without cancellation we have introduced a No Show penalty fee of £2.00 per class to members. If you book a class and do not attend without cancelling your booking a £2.00 charge will occur on your membership account. In this case you will receive an email notifying you of the fee and instructions on how to pay. Until the fee is paid the member will lose their membership entitlement and will be charged for activities they attend until the No Show £2.00 penalty fee is paid. The penalty fee can be paid online or at an Xcite Venue. This fee will only be applicable to monthly and annual paying members.

At Xcite we do not take charging our members any additional fees lightly. However non-attendance has been an issue in the past when class bookings was available. On advice from other similar fitness providers there is evidence to support that a small nominal fee does act as a deterrent for those not showing up, and enables us to make the space available to another customer. We want everyone to have a fair opportunity to attend a class. To avoid obtaining a penalty fee please cancel any class bookings you cannot attend see ‘How to Cancel?’ section above for details.

Waiting List

A waiting list will run for all full classes. Any available spaces, due to cancellation, will be emailed to the whole waiting list giving those on the list the opportunity to book the class. Our system will automatically check (every 2 hours) for cancelled class spaces and email to the waiting list. 

Arriving for your Fitness Class

Please arrive 5mins early for your fitness class. It is your responsibility to check-in your attendance at reception or kiosk and retain your receipt. Hand your receipt to your fitness instructor on arriving at your class. Please do not turn up to a class without a receipt as this will result in non-admittance to the fitness class.


Please check out our FAQ guide. If you are experiencing any problems with your login or have a query about Fitness Class Bookings please email xciteonline@westlothianleisure.com. You cannot make a cancellation here. 

Let’s make it easy!

  • Book your class in advance online or at reception.
  • Arrive 5 mins before your class.
  • Check in at reception or kiosk to register your attendance when you arrive.
  • Hand over your receipt to your Fitness Instructor.
  • Can’t make it? Remember to cancel your class to avoid a penalty fee.

Enjoy your class

We hope that the introduction of fitness class bookings will help improve your Xcite experience! To view our fitness class timetables please visit here.

Find out more about Xcite's booking rules, terms and conditions here


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