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19/11/2015 14:33 Winter Drowning Prevention Week

Learn how to keep safe in and around water during the winter months! Come along to our Winter Drowning Prevention Week from Monday 23-Sunday 29 November 2015. Help reduce injury and accidental death by drowning.

Drowning is the 3rd highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK. Around 400 people drown in the UK each year, and thousands more suffer near-drowning experiences, many resulting in life changing injuries.

Download our full timetable of Winter Drowning Prevention Week activities below:

 Winter Drowning Prevention Week

We will be running FREE taster sessions as detailed below. Please contact reception to book.

Mini Polo @ Xcite Whitburn

Mini Polo is a simplified version of Water Polo for young swimmers. Along with introducing the sport, mini polo is also designed to help children improve their swimming skills. This is a great game and a good starting point for anyone thinking of taking up water polo. For 8-15yrs. This session is taken in the shallow end of the pool.

Monday 23 November 18:00-18:45
Saturday 28 November 13:00-13:45

T:01501 229210

Introduction to Platform and Springboard Diving @ Xcite Armadale

Fantastic opportunity to try out and explore the world of Diving. 8 -15yrs and must be swim ability Level 6 or above in the Learn to Swim Programme.

Monday 23 November 17:00-19:00

T:01501 229200

Survive & Save

RLSS UK’s Survive & Save Programme is the lifesaving awards programme for teens and adults (12years+). It teaches lifesaving rescue, self-rescue, survival, lifesaving sport skills and also develops swimming ability and fitness.

Thursday 26 18:00-19:00 @ Xcite Armadale T:01501 229200
Sunday 29 14:00-15:00 @ Xcite Linlithgow T:01506 237960
Sunday 29 17:30-18:30 @ Xcite Livingston T:01506 237970


16/11/2015 14:51 GET XCITED! Join Xcite now for only £10.00!

GET XCITED! Join Xcite now for only £10.00! 


open now • access to 10 venues • no contract


Includes joining fee, 1st payment and Gym Induction!

Peak - Off Peak - Kids - 60+ - Student Memberships options available.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 30 November 2015. Offer not available online. 2nd payment due on the 1 January 2016. Join at any Xcite venue


16/11/2015 12:09 Membership Terms and Conditions Update

Please note there has been some recent changes to Xcite’s Membership Terms and Conditions. Check out our Membership Terms and Conditions page for more info or speak to a member of the Xcite Team.



The new gym, double the size of the existing gym, is now open and existing Xcite Linlithgow gym customers are welcome to begin using it.

The Xcite Team will be happy to show you how to use any new equipment.

New customers are welcome to come along from Monday 26 October. Please contact reception to book an Induction T:01506 237960.

Please note existing gym customers @ Xcite Linlithgow must have attended the gym in the last 6 months to be able to attend without an induction.

- - - -

Phase two has now started @ Xcite Linlithgow! The project has moved on to renovating the previous Gym area into two new Studios, bringing the venue’s total to 4. There will also be works renovating the Changing and Toilet Facilities. Temporary changing facilities are provided during Phase two which is expected to be complete in early 2016. The alternative temporary changing facilities are available at the back of the building. This will be accessible through the new corridor leading to the new GYM.

Please note that some of the cabins are marked ‘shower’ for solo shower use. Others are communal changing facilities with separate blocks for Male and Female. Toilets are available at the end of the corridor. If you have any queries please ask a member of the Xcite Team who will be happy to help. The team are also happy to walk you to the changing area.


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Xcite Swim is available at 6 venues across West Lothian, with 20 - 25 metre pools as well as Teaching Pools for young kids to learn to swim. Swimming is an excellent activity that can be shared with family and friends. Not only is it a brilliant way to tone up and burn calories, but can be used as a gentle, safe exercise for those starting out, recovering from injury or during pregnancy.

Thousands of kids learn to swim with Xcite Swim each year! Our Learn to Swim Programme has proved successful, with a range of lessons from Adult & Baby to Improvers. Adult classes are also available, so it’s never too late to learn!

Swim 4 Fitness allows swimmers to enjoy designated time for lane swimming so that you can improve your swimming skills and fitness.


Benefits of Swimming

  • It is a lifetime sporting activity - from Baby to Over 60's
  • A lifesaving skill
  • Swimming is great for your heart and helps to improve circulation as your heart works to pump blood around your whole body
  • An all over body toning exercise
  • It is a low impact exercise (as water takes your weight)
  • Can be taken by women during pregnancy, or people who have mobility problems or want to protect their joints due to low impact
  • It is good for your lungs, longer breaths helps boost the lungs
  • A great calorie burn - 30mins at a good pace can burn 200 calories
  • Resistance of the water can make you work harder than an activity on land

Benefits of Swimming @ Xcite

  • 6 local swimming pools in West Lothian Area
  • Qualified Lifeguards and qualified First Aiders
  • Teaching Pools for beginners and babies
  • Successful Learn to Swim Programme (ASA affiliated)
  • Poolside Saunas and Steam Rooms to relax in after your swim
  • Aquafit Fitness Classes
  • Swim 4 Fitness, lane swimming sessions
  • Kids Water Activity Sports from inflatables to Jet Skis
  • Pool Hoists available 

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