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03/02/2016 09:07 Health and Fitness During and After Cancer Treatment

Physical activity can be an important part of recovery during and after cancer treatment. Staying active can help with reduction of tiredness and fatigue, improvement of mental wellbeing, strengthening of muscles, bones and joints, and can reduce the risk of other health problems.

Here are some tips on how to stay active during and after cancer treatment from the Xcite Health and Wellbeing Team.

1. Being active does not mean it has to be intense - begin slowly - short walks, gardening or general housework is a great start.

2. Try short periods of exercise with frequent rest breaks - listen to your body - you will still feel a benefit.

3. As you gain strength, choose an activity you enjoy - this will help you stay motivated.

4. Recognise and reward your achievements.

(Please consult your GP before engaging in an exercise program)

Xcite provides a cancer rehabilitation class every Tuesday 1.30pm-2.30pm (Referral by your Health Professional only)

For more details please call the Xcite Health & Wellbeing team on 01506 237950.

02/02/2016 14:10 Heart Health

February is National Heart Month and Xcite can help keep your heart healthy with tips and advice on healthy eating and exercise.

We offer functional testing to find out your cardiovascular fitness level and our gym team is always on hand to advise and recommend the best equipment and exercises for your health and fitness goals.

If you need a little extra guidance, come to one of our fitness classes. Aquafit uses water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness and our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. EasyLine Circuits use a mix of resistance machines and step exercises to help improve overall fitness and benefit the heart and lungs.

Eating well is just as important as exercising for heart health and our Eat Xcite Guide is full of tips and guidance on eating healthily.

80% of all cardiovascular disease is predominantly due to lifestyle choices and risk factors such as high levels of fat and sugar in the blood can be reduced by healthier eating and increased physical activity.

For more guidance on heart health, speak to a member of the Xcite Gym Team or contact our Health and Wellbeing Team on 01506 237950.

21/01/2016 14:20 Top Tips: Exercise for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body. Not everyone knows that exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing i.e. higher self-esteem, more energy, a sense of achievement, reduced stress and improved self-confidence.

Here are some top tips from Xcite Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Nicola. Activity should:

1. Be enjoyable – we offer a range of activities, try different things. You are more likely to keep it up if you enjoy it!

2. Give you a sense of control over your life – It is your choice to exercise, make it part of your day to day routine, try not to feel like it’s something you have to do. The sense that you are looking after yourself can be a great feeling.

3. Be shared – the companionship and camaraderie will help you maintain motivation and helps benefit social connectedness.

Join Xcite for only £20 this month and enjoy access to our feel good fitness facilities. £20 includes joining fee, gym induction and first payment - pay nothing else until March! Full details here:

13/01/2016 12:01 Coming Soon @ Xcite Linlithgow

New Changing Room, Kids Studio & Spin Studio Coming Soon @ Xcite Linlithgow!




08/12/2015 10:47 Have You Got The Xcite Factor? Join Our Team

Have you got the Xcite factor? Check out the latest job opportunities with Xcite and join our team.

At Xcite we aim to enhance the community’s quality of life! The Xcite Team is on hand to encourage, motivate and support our customers. As part of the team you'll be able to deliver the best services to customers so they leave Xcite with the feel good factor!

If you believe you can make a real difference to people's health, happiness and wellness within West Lothian we want to hear from you! We’re always evolving and training our staff on an ongoing basis.

Be part of the Xcite Team and flourish in a rewarding and enjoyable environment. Read more about our current opportunities and the benefits of joining the Xcite team here:

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Xcite Swim is available at 6 venues across West Lothian, with 20 - 25 metre pools as well as Teaching Pools for young kids to learn to swim. Swimming is an excellent activity that can be shared with family and friends. Not only is it a brilliant way to tone up and burn calories, but can be used as a gentle, safe exercise for those starting out, recovering from injury or during pregnancy.

Thousands of kids learn to swim with Xcite Swim each year! Our Learn to Swim Programme has proved successful, with a range of lessons from Adult & Baby to Improvers. Adult classes are also available, so it’s never too late to learn!

Swim 4 Fitness allows swimmers to enjoy designated time for lane swimming so that you can improve your swimming skills and fitness.


Benefits of Swimming

  • It is a lifetime sporting activity - from Baby to Over 60's
  • A lifesaving skill
  • Swimming is great for your heart and helps to improve circulation as your heart works to pump blood around your whole body
  • An all over body toning exercise
  • It is a low impact exercise (as water takes your weight)
  • Can be taken by women during pregnancy, or people who have mobility problems or want to protect their joints due to low impact
  • It is good for your lungs, longer breaths helps boost the lungs
  • A great calorie burn - 30mins at a good pace can burn 200 calories
  • Resistance of the water can make you work harder than an activity on land

Benefits of Swimming @ Xcite

  • 6 local swimming pools in West Lothian Area
  • Qualified Lifeguards and qualified First Aiders
  • Teaching Pools for beginners and babies
  • Successful Learn to Swim Programme (ASA affiliated)
  • Poolside Saunas and Steam Rooms to relax in after your swim
  • Aquafit Fitness Classes
  • Swim 4 Fitness, lane swimming sessions
  • Kids Water Activity Sports from inflatables to Jet Skis
  • Pool Hoists available